Impromptu Survey: How much do you spend on your classroom? #MTBoSBlaugust

Earlier today one of my friends posted on Facebook a Huffington Post article that talked about how much teachers spend, out of pocket, on their own classrooms each year.  Not only were the numbers given by some in the article astounding, but so were the stories told by fellow teachers in the comment section.

After reading this article, I had the overwhelming feeling that my situation is unusually lucky compared to many other teachers across the nation.  I’ve probably spent around $1,000 on supplemental curriculum and materials for my classroom (career to date), but my school has been more than generous with the supplies that they have provided for my classroom.  Other teachers were explaining that their schools have zero budget for consumable supplies in the classroom.  That means that anything creative, fun, or, objectively “good” that happened in their classrooms, happened entirely at their own expense.

This article definitely got my mind whirring around this morning.  The article cited another (unnamed) study that claimed the average amount that teachers spend out of pocket is $500 per year.  Without being able to see–or even track down–real research, I was left with more questions than answers. I wonder how this amount changes by grade?  By subject?  What about in the MTBoS?

If you have a moment, please respond to my anonymous poll about how much you spend (on average) each year on your classroom.   How does your school operate? Is there a set budget?  Do you request a list of supplies?  Are you completely on your own?  Let me know a bit about your situation in the comment section, below.

Happy Thursday!



One thought on “Impromptu Survey: How much do you spend on your classroom? #MTBoSBlaugust

  1. Every year we have to ask what the budget is when we order supplies, and we are never told a set amount. It’s frustrating, but as a department, we spend about $200 each. I was very fortunate last year that I was given the ten calculators I asked for on top of the $200 I used for supplies. I usually spend about $500 a year on things for my classroom, but my state only gives $250 back on taxes. So technically, I’m only spending $250.

    The thing that frustrates me the most with the supplies that I purchase is that my students destroy them. I work hard to keep everything in my classroom nice, but students peel up the tape that keeps the numbers on their desks, and they turn the scissors in the wrong direction, etc. Does anyone else have this problem?


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