Open House Flyer Templates {FREE Download} #MTBoSBlaugust

I just found out that this year we will be having our open house before the school year even starts. This is a stark contrast to having Open House 2 months into the year, like we did last year.

I decided I wanted to make a flyer to send home with parents that goes over the biggest takeaways for the class.  Once school actually starts, I’ll send home a syllabus with all of the nitty-gritty details.  Although a bit nervous for the date change, I am very excited to use this as an opportunity to speak about required materials.  I hope that speaking about them now, when parents actually have time to go buy some of them (and on sale, too!), will help students be more prepared with the tools that they need.  On the back side of the flyer (not pictured), there is some school-specific information about how to access the online textbook.

Here’s the Publisher files for you to edit! You will need to download the free fonts Wellfleet and Caviar Dreams.

open house flyer template-page-001open house flyer template-page-003open house flyer template-page-002


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