Things I Want to Do Next Year, Part 1

I have 9 days of school left and my mind is swimming about all of the things I want to do next year.  I’m sure I’ll have more ideas over the summer, so here’s a bunch for now in no particular order.  Let me know if you have questions about any particular one!


  1. Early Finisher Bins
  2. Emergency Sub Plans Binders
  3. Binders for notes instead of INBs
  4. Room Setup for next year: Get rid of geometry symbol section on wall and hang whiteboard with weekly schedule on back wall.
  5. Revamp Assessment storage
  6. Revamp how I store my papers for week
  7. Update syllabus section on required supplies and be more specific about calculators and giving out assignments prior to planned absences.
  8. Algebra 2 daily spiral review of Alg 1 and Geo.
  9. Alg 1 spiral review of 8th grade math.
  10. Geometry spiral review of Algebra 1.
  11. Change homework policy to go over hwk in class each day (due next day).  Still thinking about this.
  12. Put a number-line up in my classroom.
  13. Come up with a calculator tutorial for back to school night.
  14. Put a large calendar on door so students can sign up for makeup/retakes/help AND I can easily communicate when I’m unavailable.
  15. Incorporate Delta Math
  16. Search for bad news studies in student and local newspapers for the new statistics class.
  17. Make a better teacher binder that I’ll actually use.
  18. Do a way better job at documenting parent contact.